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Latest Testimonials & Product News December 19, 2016 01:33


My name is Richard Watts. I have used ISLAND GIRL® Products (IGP) for many years. 
My boat, was a 1980 white Pearson 35 ft sailboat that I bought in 1989, which had been kept, but neglected, in Florida. It had previously been treated with “Newglass", one of the wipe-on” acrylic coatings which had deteriorated and gone yellow. Dr. Anthony Willis, the President of IGP gave me advice on how to remove this prior to using  his products in 2004.  I used the resin-based coatings to restore and protect the hull and also used  the Non-Skid Sealant™ for the decks.   I recently (2015) sold this boat that I maintained in great condition with the ISLAND GIRL® System of products.
I have also used the resin coating (MIRROR HARD Superglaze™) on cars, including a classic fiberglass Lotus Elan (used product for best part of 20 years) and other cars, including three from Audi , the newest being a new light silver/blue S5 that I purchased recently. I just completed coating with MIRROR HARD Supergaze™, using the most recent version (Oct 2017)  of the product. It seemed easier to apply that the previous versions that I have used and a thousand or so dollars cheaper than the dealer-applied protective coating.
Richard Watts
Louisville KY October 25th, 2017




I am Kevin Elders, an ISLAND GIRL® customer for many years.
I have now moved to the Pacific North West and have  rejuvenated an 11 year old McGregor 26 Sailboat with ISLAND GIRL®'s Hawaiian 2-Step Kit (Boating Season Special). The "waffle-textured" deck was finished with their NON-SLIP Superglaze™. As usual, the results are spectacular!



Kevin Elders

Sequim, WA  Aug 2017




I am Joe Bovine of Fairfield CT with a 10 year old Cobalt 232 powerboat. The black gelcoat in the stern area was so oxidized that it was really grey and nothing I tried previously could bring back the original dark black and bold yellow stripe. I was recommended to try ISLAND GIRL® Products and I purchased their "Hawaiian 2-Step Kit" (Boating Season Special)
ELIXIR™ brought back the original black color by dissolving out chalky white oxidation from the gelcoat pores, However, the MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ initially failed to provide the guaranteed gloss,
I called Dr. Willis, the President  of ISLAND GIRL Products Inc  for advice on this problem. He explained that this area of gelcoat had become so porous, that it was like trying to put a shine on a charcoal briquette!  He  recommended a good sealing coat of SILKENEAL™ (now provided in these kits). BEFORE the final 2 coats of MIRROR HARD™
As you can see, the results are spectacular and I was told that  future oxidation and resulting porosity will be greatly reduced if I continue to use those  products. 
I am glad to recommend these products to others with dark-colored gelcoat.
Joe Bovine, Fairfield CT, June 1017 



NEW Catalina 470 and hypalon dinghy kept “As New” for ten years by ISLAND GIRL® Products

I have used ISLAND GIRL® products for years to maintain my 2007 Catalina 470 sailboat and it still looks new. I recommend ISLAND GIRL products to friends when they comment how new my boat looks. Since purchasing her new in 2007, I have followed your instructions using ISLAND GIRL Pink™, SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax™, and MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ for the gelcoat,

I used NON-SKID SEALANT™ on the deck and CLEAR HORIZONS™ on the cockpit Eisenglass.  I also use IG Pink™, SEA GLOW™ and SILKENSEAL™ on my inflatable dinghy and fenders purchased new in 2007. They still look great!
I ordered 6 new bottles of IG Pink™ to make sure I have enough product to get me through the next two cruising seasons. 

Thank you for making such dependable products. 

Hugh MacNeil, SV Barra

Solomons, MD, March 2017.



Using the ISLAND GIRL® System on two white Beneteau Yachts since 2002

Dar Dr. Willis:
I have been using your products since 2002 and really love them. They actually do work as promised.  When I moved up to  a 44 foot Beneteau sail boat and then again to a 50 footer it made cleaning and waxing the hull and top sides easier.  Instead of applying a coat of cleaner and removing and then 2 coats of wax on and off, 6 steps it now takes 3. The finish easily lasts 2 years in Long Island NY.  The products may seam expensive but a little bit goes along way and last much longer than wax. Not only is that a monetary saving but is also a labor saving.  
When I did the hull on my 50 footer I used the Hawaiian 2-Step Process in less than optimal (below 65 degree F ) temperature and did put the Mirror Hard Super Glaze on a little thick. When I came back the following weekend the hull surface had many  gnats had stuck onto the coating.  No problem, used an orbital buffer with a mirco fiber pad and all was well. The gnats came right off, exposing a great shine
At your suggestion, I am now going to use SEA GLOW™  to restore the yellowed vinyl dodger windows. 
Capt. Ron Harris\Kings Park,NY,
March 13th, 2017

Maintaining New Black Gelcoat or Automobile Paintwork with Paper Towel (no abrasives or machines) - ELIXIR™ and MIRROR HARD Supergaze™

I have been using ISLAND GIRL® products for over 10 years. I am on my 4th boat using the products and could not be more pleased. The current boat is a 2015 Sea Hunt with a black gel coat hull. When applying the ELIXIR™ the original color and depth of shine are instantly restored. I then apply MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ to "seal" the color and to provide the additional UV protection that we need in the South Florida sun.

At first, the price of these products kind of turned me off. However, once  I had used the products and seen the dramatic long-lasting results, I realized that they were truly good value for money.

Second, the products contain no abrasives so they do not wear away good gel coat. or form micro-scratches that accelerate oxidation of the new gel coat.  You simply apply the products with white paper towel and wipe off the excess with microfiber cloth. There is no need for buffing machines and no mess! The shine and water beading lasts for a year, which is amazing in South Florida.

I also use  MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ on my black Audi (see below) and beige metallic Lexus. This product is easier to apply than wax and again lasts at least a year, even though the cars are kept outside. 

Alan Edwards

Davie, Florida, January, 2017


ISLAND GIRL® Customer over 16 years - Multiple Boats. 

I have used ISLAND GIRL® Products on various boats since  about 2001 with results as good or better than those claimed by the Company in its other Testimonials. I first used the products in Georgia but then moved to Florida in 2003, when I bought a VIP kit.

This kit contained pretty much all the ISLAND GIRL® product line, but for the gelcoat I have now settled on the ELIXIR™ and MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ (‘Hawaiian 2-Step”) combo and use SILKENEAL™ for touch up and for upholstery  maintenance.  I swear by the ISLAND GIRL Pink™ Cleanser for general clean up purposes and for cleaning carpet.

In Florida, I first used the products on a 1982 Malibu Euro F3 Ski Boat that was colored turquoise and white.

I also used the products on a  white  Yamaha Twin engined Jet Boat and then on a  1999 27ft  SEA RAY that was white with tan-colored areas that could become  too hot to touch in the summer sun.

I have recently bought a 2001 white Sea Ray Sundancer that I also plan to protect with the ISLAND GIRL® System

Over the years, I have introduced many boating friends to ISLAND GIRL® products,  including my father Richard,  I tried to get a couple of professional detailers interested in the products but they were discouraged by the once per year treatment and 3 years of protection offered by the products  After all, they do make their money by the labor of buffing and polishing every few months!

Back when I first purchased the products, the inventor ( Dr. Willis )  used to talk to me on the phone and send me written instructions. Now there is no need, since the new website has detailed instructions and flow charts online together with categorized links to instructional videos that are available on Youtube (used to be on DVDs).


Robert A Bolender

Palm Harbor FL, January 2017

Now 23 years in business- VISIT OUR NEW ISLAND GIRL® WEBSITE !

 Working on this project  daily for almost 5  months our new, easily navigable website has almost 70 individual pages. It is very rich in detail and new content on instructions and testimonials. Also links to our videos are now found through directory page.

The slide shows on the front page and in the MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ details page is a new feature. You can just click to stop the slide progression and view a detailed picture. 

There are also results of a huge Carver 400 Motor Yacht that we did using new techniques and products.

Finally, there are links to social media where you can share the good news about ISLAND GIRL® Products!

See this at


Thanks and Happy Christmas, Holidays and New Year to you all!

Anthony L. Willis Ph.D, President of Island Girl Products Inc,


Another Dark Blue Gelcoat Restoration by ISLAND GIRL®'s ELIXIR™ and our 2-step Process

I have a 2006 Dehler 47 SQ Sailing Yacht with a dark blue gelcoat hull.

As, is well known,  it is difficult to prevent “greying" of dark blue gelcoat due to oxidation  caused by UV and heat absorption of summer sunlight.

I heard about ISLAND GIR:L® Products after searching on the internet and ordered a “Minikit” of products to test for ourselves.

We then did the entire boat but at a time of year that was too cold for optimal results. We also wondered if we had done the procedure  properly.

Since I was coming to Hawaii anyway, I met up with Dr. Willis, the Inventor/Owner and he did a demonstration of the “2 step process” on his own boat at La Mariana Sailing Club in Honolulu. He then sent us a replacement batch of product at no charge except for shipping costs.

When reapplied in May-June the products worked as claimed, although Dr. Willis also informed us that he had made the resin-mix for the outer coating (MIRROR HARD Superglaze™) a little faster in setting by addition of more of the quick setting component and also included SB Catalyst™ for even quicker “set up”. The results were very satisfactory with great depth of shine that is lasting well, further aided by protecting the “sunny side” by a cover.

Hence I just placed, and received a further order of product to be applied in the Spring of 2017.

In short, I am very satisfied with the products from  ISLAND GIRL® and especially the personalized customer service by the Owner!


Mervyn Hempenstall
SV Constantia, Vancouver,
Dec 2016


Restoring and Preserving a 22ft white Hypalon Dinghy by ISLAND GIRL®'s SEA GLOW™ and SILKENSEAL™

I have been a customer of your company since 2006. My 22ft Zodiac is constructed of white hypalon and got really filthy at the boat yard over the Winter due to air pollution, including bottom paint dust. I tried absolutely everything to get the hypalon clean - no luck until I again tried your products (SEA GLOW™ and SILKENSEAL™ as described on you website. They worked like magic in restoring original color and texture. I have now ordered more product including your ISLAND GIRL Pink™ for routine cleanup.

Thanks Again

Harlan Wendell, Essex MA, July 2016



ISLAND GIRL® Products for fixing gelcoat crazing and oxidation

Dear Dr Willis:

I have an  31ft Contest white sailboat built back in 1973, whose gelcoat deterioration has been stopped by your product system. 

As you know, I have used your  ELIXIR™  with the "Hawaiian 2-Step System" since 2007. It not only removes and prevents early return of chalking but also seems to stop and repair the minor crazing of the gelcoat that was previously troubling to me and could only be removed by wet sanding. 

That I order every 1-3 years testifies  to the the longevity of the restorative effects of your products.


Brian Corbett

Winthrop MA, June 2016


New Use for ISLAND GIRL Pink™ Cleansing Lotion for artists using oil paints.

I am a retired sign painter, mainly painting names on boats. That is how I met Dr Willis, who had just bought a Gulf 32 on his birthday in 1993 (he still has the boat).

After sailing this boat to Hawaii in 1994, he started his ISLAND GIRL® company with the first product being IG Pink™. and I then used  IG Pink™ all the time to erase "mistakes" and do clean-up in my sign-painting jobs.

Now I have retired, I make oil paintings that I sell. I have some IG Pink™ that has been allowed to become clear by exposing to the sun (the pink color then fades).

I use this to remove any layer of oil paint that I wish to erase. I use a nylon quit for fine detail removal. The process is very controllable since the product does not evaporate like most solvents and its action is gentle and time-dependent: more time= deeper penetration. You can immediately  stop action of the of the product by applying water with wet paper towel. 

Another use of this product has allowed me to introduce a totally new oil painting technique. Water-color painters often use a "wash" technique for backgrounds such as sky or seascapes. Using IG Pink™ to remove selected layers of paint I can essentially reproduce a  "wash" technique with oil paints. 

Although I used to help demonstrate these products at local boat shows, I have no financial interest in ISLAND GIRL® but wished to share this "secret" with other oil-painting enthusiasts and further testify to the unparalleled versatility of the product(s).

Here is an example of work done with this technique and Windsor Newton Alkyd tube paints.


Mike Karvasales

Alameda, CA June 2016



Dark Green Gelcoat Testimonial for ISLAND GIRL®'s DARK GREEN HULL RESTORED BY ELIXIR™ and our 2-step Process

Hi again Anthony:

I have enclosed a couple of pictures showing how ELIXIR™ and then MIRROR HARD™  provided the finish you see. The boat is a 1984 Sea Sprite 23 that I have owned since new.  I have used your products since 2009 and they provide the ONLY WAY I can restore deep color and shine for each season.

 I was thinking as I was using your products what will happen if you go out of business?  I may have to sell my boat! 


Paul Lambert, West Falmouth, MA.  May 2016


I  Love ISLAND GIRL® Products for Gelcoat

Hi Dr. Willis

Love your products! I would rather be sailing than working on my boat and your easy and quick to apply gelcoat system instantly hides most scratches and creates an admired mirror shine, that lasts for many months. It is far superior to other products I have tried. 


John Wurdeman (Customer since 2007)

Charles City, VA

May 2016


Long term use of ISLAND GIRL® Products on grey Nonsuch sailboat: ELIXIR™, MIRROR HARD Superglaze™, SEA GLOW™ & SILKENSEAL™

 Dr. Willis:

I have been using you products over the last 6 years,  ordering every 2-3 years because the protection lasts so long!

I have a 1989 Nonsuch 33, whose mid grey gelcoat looked so bad that the Yard Manager recommended painting with LPU or redoing with sprayed on gelcoat. Instead I tried your "Hawaiian 2 step Process" of ELIXIR™ (to remove and prevent oxidation) with an outer coating of  MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ (for additional shine and protection). 

The results were astounding with an almost "as new" finish that really surprised the Yard Manager. I was also glad to confirm your claim of 3 years of water beading.

I have continued to maintain the hull with these products but I was also impressed by the ability of SEA GLOW™  to restore original whiteness to the rub rail, that I  sealed with SILKENSEAL™. 

I saw similar rejuvenating and anti-aging effects on a hot tub cover in our vacation property in the Caribbean.  A video showing use of products on gelcoat is shown

Your Sincerely

Frank Borzenski, Old Saybrook CT

May 2016


Restoration of older orange gelcoat, and protection of NEW RVs with MIRROR HARD Superglaze™

Dr Willis:
Back in 2001, I purchased a full kit of your products for my 1982 Capri 25.   The original orange gelcoat had become very pale due to deep oxidation.  I restored the hull back to its very bright orange beauty.   Once restored, it was only an annual update to keep it looking great.   In April 2012, I sold this boat and started RVing with a brand new 17 ft Casita to which I  applied SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax™  to its fiberglas gelcoat exterior.   It kept this trailer as new for over four years until I sold it for more than its cost when new.   I credit my knowledge and use of ISLAND GIRL® Products for keeping the fiberglass looking like it came from the factory!  
I recently upgraded to a brand new Escape 21 and just received my new order of  MIRROR HARD Superglaze™  to apply to my new RV fiberglass to keep this trailer looking new for many years to come.
Your products will always continue to be my 'go to' tools for keeping my fiberglass toys always looking great!   
Feel free to share my experiences as I have been an ISLAND GIRL® fan and user for over 15 years!
Gary Coverdale
Placerville, CA and South Lake Tahoe, CA
May 2016 



Dark Blue Gelcoat Testimonial for ISLAND GIRL®'s ELIXIR™ and our 2-Step Process

Dear Anthony:

I purchased ISLAND GIRL® products in 2002 to restore my dark blue 1975 Catalina 27 sailboat. This was the “3 step system” with an outer coating of MIRROR HARD™ Superglaze™.

I re-ordered products 3 years later, also using the NON-SKID SEALANT™  (now renamed NON-SLIP Superglaze™) with very good results.  Then in 2010, I ordered the  "Hawaiian 2-Step Kit" ( of ELIXIR™ and MIRROR HARD™ ). However, I am only now (May 2016) using the products after ignoring maintenance of the boat for some 8 years.

 As you can see the gelcoat surface has again come up “as new”. This was done with very little effort, perhaps due to residual protection from the previous application of your products. Not only are the protective effects of your products long lasting but so is their shelf life!



Geoffrey Jackson

Federal Way WA, May 2016



After ISLAND GIRL® Products,  rain keeps my  NON-SKID decks clean!

Hi Anthony:

I first Purchased ISLAND GIRL® products in 2002, via I first used them on my white 1979 Pearson Sailboat and have used them ever since.I was one of the first customers to use the NON SKID SEALANT™   (now renamed NON-SLIP Superglaze™) which I have continued to use to this day. The most remarkable thing I noticed was that when it rained the decks looked cleaner since most dirt does not stick and just washes off.  Even better, bird droppings can just be hosed off!

 I also highly recommend the SEA GLOW™ and SILKENSEAL™ products that I use on my white plastic and rubber surfaces, including the rub-rail.  These products are so easy to use while uniquely  effective at both removing and preventing surface yellowing.


Steven R. Wade, Mamaroneck

NY, May 2016


Protection of brand New Hunter Sailboat by MIRROR HARD Superglaze™

Dear Anthony:

I first purchased the ISLAND GIRL® System in 2002 via the online store at I used the  resin-based coating ( MIRROR HARD™ ) system  on a brand new 2002 Hunter 410, using diluted ISLAND GIRL Pink™ for routine cleaning and maintenance. We maintained the boat this way for over ten years, which kept its “as new” appearance. Only once was compounding used, to remove some deep scratches in the gelcoat from a docking incident.

In 2010, I bought a two years old white Oyster 54 ft sailboat and continued to use the ISLAND GIRL®  "2 Step Process" ( ELIXIR™ and MIRROR HARD™ ) on this yacht also. My most recent purchase of product ( ELIXIR™ and IG Pink™ ) being this April (2016). Clearly the protective effects of these products last for years.


Arthur Auclair

Salem NH, May 2016



Automobile and Airplane Testimonial for MIRROR HARD Superglaze™

Dear Dr. Willis:

Almost 2 years ago, I used some of your MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ on a brand new black Chevy Silverado truck since it had been recommended to me by a previous customer of yours.

 The finish on the truck is still very shiny and protective.  One thing I noticed was that the truck seems impervious to damage by gravel. Dust does not easily stick to the surface and is easily removed by just rinsing off with water, then wiping dry with microfiber cloth.

 I now have several friends using the product too, who are equally pleased. They use it on their automobiles and  boats. Most recently we did an airplane (2006 TBM 700), whose picture is shown below.



Troy Manning

Manning Seed Company

West Des Moines, IA, May 2016



Long Term Orange Gelcoat protection by  ISLAND GIRL®'s ELIXIR™ and our 2-step process with MIRROR HARD Superglaze™

Dear Anthony,

I just got finished with the boat prep for the season down here in sunny Sonora Mexico. This has got to be one of the harshest summer environments around.

Once again the Hawaiian Two Step Process brought the boat back to beautiful condition. This year I noticed once again how the gel coat has improved over the years of using your products.

Not much oxidation on the application of the ELIXIR™ and the whole project went faster than last year. I attached a photo and maybe you will notice the reduced difference between the "before" and "after" areas compared to photos from previous years. There is definitely less of a marked difference between the area with the ELIXIR™ applied and the  untreated areas - less oxidation!  It’s kind of like I have suspended aging of the gelcoat. Yes, 30 years and still no paint! I only wish I had discovered your products sooner. Keep up the good work.


Paul Hebert

November 25th, 2015 (Customer since 2007).

P.S. For initial results on this boat click HERE. For "step by step" procedures in restoring fiberglass gelcoat, click HERE




SEA GLOW™ with SG O.xiboost™ on really brown shoe soles

Hi Dr. Willis:

I just wanted to say how excited I am about your combo of SEA GLOW™ together with  SEA GLOW O.xiboost™ . 

I used them as recommended on some REALLY yellowed (almost brown) soles of some ORIGINAL (15 year old  Space Jams . These soles were originally clear but NOT bluish icy as seen on recent Jordan shoes.  As you can see  the restoration effect is dramatic and this with only 6 applications in wintry New York sunlight.


Patrick Poulard

November 15th, 2015