SIMPLY SUPERIOR! Welcome to the world of Island Girl Products, developed and manufactured in Hawaii by Dr. Anthony L. Willis Ph.D. April 1, 2015 04:00

Almost 21 years ago, I solo sailed my Gulf 32 Sailboat to Hawaii from California,  after early retirement from my post as Chief Scientist at a Biotech Company. I was appalled by the waste of scientific talent there and thought: "If I ran a company it would be different" Over the last 20 years, I invented and perfected an interlocking "system" of unique products that are a well kept secret among boaters, expensive car owners, detailers and (more recently) the collectors of sneakers. My late wife (she died in 2007) and I completely financed and developed the product line, designed the packaging and made videos and the website. The products are still made personally by myself, although the world famous SEA GLOW™ now has to have the bulk ingredients mixed in  300 gallons batches by a large chemical plant on the mainland. Then, after shipment to Hawaii, I complete the product formulation in Honolulu.

Finally, through the internet, my products are becoming available to more and more people worldwide. This new move to  (may 1st 2015) should further help "spread the word" to a wider customer base.


Anthony L. WIllis  BSc, Ph.D