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Shown os Dr. Anthony L. Willis's restored 1966 GTO kept outside in Hawaii but  protected by the ISLAND GIRL® Product System that has many versatile, yet synergistic uses.   On such cars that are new or restored, a coating of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ will protect the underlying finish against abrasion oxidation  and color fade. Just light washing, water rinsing and drying with a microfiber towel is necessary to maintain the finish for up to 3 years.  NO MORE WEARING AWAY OF THE FINISH BY ABRASIVE POLISHING!  The same product will protect cast of polished metal, even resisting the heat of engine components.  

MIRROR HARD™ will remove light oxidation. Heavier oxidation and protection against its return will be provided by ELIXIR™ that also removes yellow oxidation from headlamps. SEA GLOW™  is good for white wall tires, white upholstery and convertible tops and restoring clear vinyl. Use NEUTRAL CLEAR™ on "earth tones" (beige , brown etc, vinyl upholstery and tops. Then seal the surface against weathering and mildew with SILKENSEAL™.  CLEAR HORIZONS™  renders even steeply raked windshields virtually "invisible" by mini zing glare leaing a water-repellant (Rainex-like) finish. Finally ISLAND GIRL Pink™ (IG Pink™) can be used undiluted to safely remove bugs and overspray. Use with copious water dilution for general wash down. For results on rare and expensive cars, click HERE, with usage summarized HERE.

How much product should you purchase? 2-4 Oz (and mini kits) quantities will do motorcycles, jet skis and most cars. Large quantities (12 or 16 Oz sizes) for larger cars and RVs, plus discounted kits for professional detailers. 

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