FOR SAIL OR POWER BOATS, also inflatable and composite dinghies

Shown is Dr. Anthony L. Willis's own 1990 Gulf 32 sailboat after treatment with ELIXIR™ and MIRROR HARD™  in our "2-step" process, as seen in video HERE The process of using ELIXIR™ on really old gelcoat is shown HERE. He has used IG Products routinely on this boat as introduced over the last 20 years Treatment has been done routinely  every 2-3 years, as water beading starts to diminish, although the dark green stripe (that becomes very hot in the tropical sun) has to be touched up more frequently. These products are great on both NEW or OLD gelcoat or paint. Our NON SKID SEALANT™  protects boat decks against oxidation and stains with undiminished, even increased grip when wet. Most dirt and bird droppings just rinse off with water! The product can also be used on other underfoot surfaces to preserve grip in the wet.  Our product system also protects and restores, Eisinglass cockpit curtains and all polished, cast or anodized metal.  MIRROR HARD™ is  especially suitable for aluminum spars.  Our products  also protect and restore hard plastics, even yellow oxidized lexan.  SEA GLOW™, NEUTRAL CLEAR™ and SILKENSEAL™ are also (original equipment recommended) for inflatable dinghy fabrics as shown in this VIDEO.  The same products restore and prevent aging of vinyl upholstery, cowl vents  and fenders.  ISLAND GIRL Pink™ can clean up mess from paint and marine sealants, and is used with copious water dilution as a general bilge/boat wash. Use CLEAR HORIZONS™ on your instrument panels eyeglasses and computer screens.

In summary, unexcelled versatility, plus three years of protection against water beading, oxidation and color fade make the ISLAND GIRL® product system SIMPLY SUPERIOR !

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