MIRROR HARD™ Superglaze 12 Oz

$ 79.95

MIRROR HARD Superglaze™  produces astounding gloss with very durable protection of paint & new or restored gelcoat. If necessary, first use ELIXIR™ for restoration of oxidized underlying paint or gelcoat.

MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ prevents tarnishing of metal  (polished, plated or die-cast). Cannot crack, peel or yellow. Fast "wipe on" applicaton with only one or two coats necessary. Now comes with free SB Catalyst™ for more rapid set- up in cooler conditions or on more porous gelcoat. MIRROR HARD Superglaze™    fills minor scratches and imperfections and beads water for up to 3 years, yet can be easily removed by our cleaners or certain solvents if repair or touch up of gelcoat/paint is required. Tested by Practical Sailor as top rated for iMIRROR HARD Superglaze™ was top rated for shine and durability of water beading for up to 6 months (when test was prematurely halted).

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 We proudly claim that this product is superior to recently hyped ceramic coatings (that contain ceramic microspheres) and so called "nanotechnology" coatings (that soak into the surface). These coatings have to be physically removed by abrasion before repairs to underlying surface can be done. MIRROR HARD™ results on precious cars!

We suspect that the dealer applied coating known as Cilojet® has a composition related  to that of our product but costs well over $1, 000 of treatment of a new car. Results with MIRROR HARD Superglaze™  are comparable at less than tenth of this price. This product also protects against minor scratches and stone chips but is so much easier to apply than 3M Paint Defender® spray on film that involves prefixing and masking.

The 12 Oz size will easily do a 30ft boat, an RV or many cars. Most cars can be done with just 4 Oz of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ Two Oz packs of this product are also available for Bicycles, Motorcycles and JetSkis.

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