Serious Plastics & Glass kit

$ 153.00

Restores & protects Vinyl, rubber hypalon, most clear plastics. For upholstery, inflatables, fenders and more. Removes & prevents oxidation and gumminess.Clarifies yellowed isinglass and lexan. Contains 16 Oz NEUTRAL CLEAR™ Cleanser-Conditioner and 12 Oz SEA GLOW™ Cleanser-Conditioner, Kit also contains 16 Oz ISLAND GIRL PINK™ Cleanser, 12 Oz SILKENSEAL™, Two 4 Oz CLEAR HORIZONS™ , 4 Oz NON-SLIP Superglaze™, and 2 Oz sizes of both MIRROR HARD Superglaze™  and  ELIXIR™   Saves almost $60 compared to items purchased individually, saves a ton of shipping costs AND comes with two 20% off certificates for future purchases of replacement producct.

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